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Dirt Bike Proportions game: Racing has been one of the most enjoyable and of course, fast-paced games, but add in math and you got one unique game. Dirt Bike Proportions is just that cool math game that will not just give you a good time, but also help you in understanding proportions! You will be driving dirt bikes, but not with your usual accelerate and steering controls, you have to input the correct number that will make the fractions equal. Answer correctly to make your dirt bike run faster. Spending some time with this game could actually improve your mathematical abilities, so why not give it a try?/
How to play: click the correct answer to power your bike. How quickly you answer determines how fast the bike will go up to 4 player can play at one. to begin the game, you need to either cread a new game for your friends to join, or you can join a game that was created by a friend/
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